Bond Counsel

Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney has the privilege of serving as bond counsel for Minnesota school districts.  In this role, our team works closely with the school district’s financial adviser to assist the client in every step of the bond process, from planning the referendum to attending the bond closing.  The specific services we provide include:

  • Guidance on election issues, including applicable timelines, notice provisions, and other legal requirements;
  • Drafting and reviewing resolutions, ballots,and other documents related to the election  to ensure compliance with applicable laws;
  • Reviewing the preliminary official statement and other documents from the school district’s financial adviser;
  • Drafting non-arbitrage certificates, disclosures, and other documents related to the sale of the bonds and the school district’s obligations with respect to those bonds;
  • Providing a written opinion as bond counsel;
  • Compiling and reviewing the documents required for closing;
  • Preparing a closing transcript; and
  • Attending the bond closing.

Please contact Joseph Langel or Christian Shafer with any questions about the bond counsel services that Ratwik, Roszak & Maloney can provide your school district.